Sunday, January 20, 2013

La Mesilla Historical Marker

La Mesilla, New Mexico (you can see it in a custom map HERE) is home to the first of what will be many New Mexico Historical Markers. This marker, located in Central Doña Ana County, sits in the middle of Mesilla Plaza. Mesilla Plaza is a historical site that is popular with tourists. It is home to San Albino Basilica, one of two basilicas in the state of New Mexico. The plaza is also home to a building that once housed Billy the Kid as he awaited hanging, an old courthouse he escaped from.

Mesilla has a long and storied history that you can learn more about at Old

This marker has personal significance for me because I work in Mesilla, and have grown close to the people of this wonderful community.

Mesilla is a wonderful and quiet community located immediately west of Las Cruces (you can't tell that it's a separate place, Las Cruces has swallowed it up). It can be reached easily from I-10 (exit Avenida de Mesilla). It's about 1 mile up the road, you can't miss it. Grab a bite to eat at La Posta (great, not-so-spicy Mexican food in an unbeatable atmosphere), or Andele's (home to probably the greatest enchiladas on the planet Earth).

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