Sunday, January 20, 2013

Welcome To Historical Markers of New Mexico

Yesterday I took my family into the Robledo Mountains near my house in Las Cruces, beautiful rolling hills that I can see out of the front windows of my house, beautiful rolling hills I had never been to. This great place for family hiking is five miles from my house, and I'd never been.

So we made the short journey out there, on the Hatch Highway. When we got out there, I drove past a few historical markers that I had never heard of before. As someone who loves learning about the local history of the Mesilla Valley, I was shocked that this had gone unnoticed. It gave me an idea, and the idea centered around the thought that this can't happen again.

So I have  new goal, and that goal is to visit as many of the states 545 (and growing) historical markers. Using New Mexico Historical as a guide, I will start my journey close to home by covering the 34 that exist in Doña Ana County. So I hope you'll check back and join me on a journey to learn more about the rich history of New Mexico!

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